Why Paint?

I like doodling, scribbling, splashing and colouring. It’s messy and it’s fun. Sometimes I get the urge to paint something particular, but not very often. I usually start and see what comes out. I don’t have one particular theme or style. In some of my work there is nothing deep or meaningful, but you’re welcome to think that there is. I paint because I love colour. I paint because it’s fun. I paint because whatever I do it, no one else in the history of the universe has ever made a piece quite like mine. I also paint to bring joy to others. I do fun family portraits, favourite pets, and books for the likes of doting parents and grandparents who take pleasure in reading their personalised story books to their children. Lastly, I paint for those who can’t, for those who do not want their stories forgotten. In making illustrated legacy books for Holocaust survivors and their families, I paint for posterity. Below are some samples of commissioned pieces which I know have made people happy. I would love to paint something for you too. 

About Commission Paintings

work with a variety of medium. Sometimes I work with Japanese inks, or watercolour, sometimes acrylic or coloured pencil or depending on the mood, I also combine medium. Tell me about a painting or an illustrated book that have always wanted to have. Your commissioned piece can be in any of the above medium or as large or as small as you wish. It can also be in a similar style to the pieces which have been sold, or it can be something entirely different. Whatever it is, it will be made especially – and only – for you. talhartuv18@gmail.com