Why Wood?

When I discovered woodturning, I understood that although a scrap of wood at first glance may seem useless, it doesn’t have to stay that way; just put it on a lathe and with a little bit of skill and patience, it can be made into something else. Woodturning is fun, mesmerising, therapeutic but most of all it is a metaphor for life. None of us have to stay hopeless or feel useless because of any loss, disappointment or trauma we may have experienced. Nothing is lost. Nothing is hopeless. Just like wood, our lives can be changed into something else.

I mostly use wood from Israel. I am especially fond of olive. But I also use wood from all over the world. Each type of wood is very different from the other. Some wood can be turned easily, others take substantially more time. The sheen on each wood is different too, as the grain. I sometimes set off the wood with inlays of semi precious stones such as opal or turquoise. Other pieces I like to paint, or burn a decorative pattern into the wood. Other pieces I leave plain. While my pieces are food-safe, they are primarily made for your eyes to enjoy. Rinsing and washing them will cause a deterioration over time.

These pieces are all handmade and one-of-a-kind. Click on the image that interests you for details.

Olive Wood Honey Pot, Dish & Dipper With Turquoise Stone Inlay

Olivewood Pot

Fine Edge Beech Wood Goblet

Maple & Walnut Wood Tournament Chess Set With Opal Stone Inlay

Mahogany Wood Bowl

Olive Wood Bud Vase

Olive Wood Bud Vase With Natural Edge

Olive Wood Bud Vase With Turquoise Stone Inlay

Brazil Nut Wood Bowl With Opal Stone Inlay

“Olive Tree In The Desert” Ceramic & Glass Mosaic Table

Mosaic Table (2)Ceramic & Glass Mosaic Table

Beech Wood Bud Vase

Beech Bud Vase

Pine Cones Pot With Epoxy Decor

Pine Cone and Epoxy Pot

Syrian Ash Wood Dish With Epoxy Decor

Syrian Ash Dish With Epoxy Inlay

Walnut & Beech Wood Dish For Nuts

Walnut and Beech Dish For Nuts

Padauk Wood Mortar and Maple Pestle With Opal Stone Inlay

Mortar and Pestle With Opal Stone Inlay

Olive Wood Goblet

Maple Wood Goblet With Turquoise & Opal Inlay

Beech Wood Goblet with Turquoise Stone Inlay

Beech Wood Fine Edge Goblet

Chinaberry Wood Dish With Natural Edge

Syrian Ash Wood Dish

Hebrew Carved Wood Plaque 

Carved Plaque Of The Israel Stele

Carved Israeli Stele

Olive Wood Candle Holder With Natural Edge

Candle Holder Olive - W19-CNH-LVE-OLV-1

Guava Wood Candle Holder With Opal Stone Inlay

Beech Wood Candle Holder With Epoxy Decor

Beech Wood Candle Holder With Burnt Ring Finish

“Seven Species” Hand Painted Wood Box

Walnut Wood Bowl with Turquoise Stone Inlay

Walnut Bowl with Turquoise Stone Inlay

Hand Painted Syrian Ash Wood Dish

Mahogany Wood Dish With Burnt Rings

Mahogany Wood Pot With Burnt Rings

Mahogany Wood Pot

Mahogany Bowl With Burned Decorative Rings

Eucalyptus Wood Natural Bowl

Eucalyptus Bowl

Maple Wood Off Center Candle Holder

Maple Candle Holder

About Commission Pieces

Commissioned wood pieces are valued according to the type of wood, the addition of semi-precious stones and the intricacies of decoration. If you would like to order something similar to what you see here, please remember that while wood will still be wood, I do not, and cannot, make exact replicas. If I could, my pieces wouldn’t be original. Please bear in mind that not all wood types are available at all times but whatever I craft for you, it will certainly be unique and made especially – and only – for you.