Why Write?

By pressing buttons on a keyboard, or squiggling letters with a pen, we can transmit what goes on in our brains to someone who may even live on the other side of the world. In the most basic form, that is the mind-blowing power of writing.

After the attack, I didn’t even know what I felt. I just felt terrible. Writing about what happened helped me organise my thoughts and emotions. By writing about my fear, rage and loneliness, my life also became more manageable. It took me 8 hard years to complete The Rage Less Traveled, but now I know it was worth it. Writing enabled me to invite others into my world. It drew people in, instead of pushing them away.

Everyone’s life is a story. In my book I have told part of mine. Now I like writing about others. I write about ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. I write about people who at the time had no idea that what they were doing would change someone’s life, or change a society, or a nation, or even the entire world. I also write about things which are helping me through trauma. Writing is sharing, and sharing one more step on the road to healing.