About Me

To understate the obvious, it’s been a rough ride since I was stabbed multiple times with a machete while watching my friend murdered. For years I spoke around the world about my experience. I wrote a book (available here) and Israeli TV produced an award-winning documentary about that traumatic event. For good and for bad, the attack continues to shape who I am. But the attack is not me. It is simply something that happened to me. 

When I changed my name from Kay Wilson to Tal Hartuv, it was initially to dodge the public eye and break out of the cage of “terror victim.” It becomes the first step of ongoing healing. I began to go back to things I loved to do. 

I believe that people are resilient. I am sure, that given a little bit of resourcefulness, any of us can get through the greatest of hardships. If you’re suffering, I really hope that something about my story will help you. Just like my life, my work is also very imperfect. But whatever it is that I am doing, it is good to be doing again some things I love.