Seeds of tomorrow

In these days when humanity seems bent on destroying nature, Israel is a country which not only has very strict laws for the protection of flora and fauna, but it is also the only country in the world which has a positive growth rate of trees.  The importance of trees cannot be overstated, no matter … Read more

Memory of a future 

In his popular novel “To the end of the Land,” Israeli author David Grossman writes about Ofer, a young soldier. Ofer had the misfortune of war breaking out when he was only days away from release from the army. It was bad news for Ora his mother too. In order to distract herself from worrying … Read more

Within the walls

The walls of Jerusalem tell a story of thousands of years, and they also tell a story of the thousands of people who over time, have lived within them.  The route of the walls today were literally set in stone after the Roman Emperor Hadrian conquered the city in 134 CE. Before that conquest, the … Read more

Name that land

There are several ways of trying to ascertain if an ancient site in Israel is the actual place which appears in the Bible or other historical Jewish sources. The first is geographical location. If the source describes a certain place as sitting on top of a mountain, it’s no good conducting archaeological digs on the … Read more

Officers and gentlemen

Infuriated with the Jewish Bar Kochva uprising that took place between 132- 136 CE, the Roman Emperor Hadrian brought over his legions and crushed the revolt. Although the destruction of the Second Temple had taken place just a few decades before, this time the Roman punitive measures on the Jews of Judea were even more … Read more

Coming full circle 

The Galilee is both a region in northern Israel and the English name of the freshwater lake known in Hebrew as the “Kinneret.” Both are famous for Jewish miracle makers who have impacted the Jewish people and the wider world throughout history: from Elijah –  considered the greatest of all the Hebrew prophets – through … Read more

Miracle Valley

With just a little knowledge of geography, a glance at the infamous 1947 United Nation’s Partition Plan of the Land of Israel, reveals that as far as good land goes, the Jewish people were given the short straw. Land partitioned for the Jewish community – including the remnant of survivors of the Shoah – was … Read more

The Dead Sea lives

There are many English road signs in Israel that lead to the Dead Sea, but the only thing wrong with them is that the Dead Sea is neither “dead” nor is it a “sea.”  It is a lake, and what’s more, being rich in minerals, the “dead” sea also contains eleven types of living organisms. … Read more

Bird’s-eye view

Those who say Israel is the center of the world wouldn’t be wrong. From a birds eye view up in space, we see Israel is the bridge between Africa, Asia and Europe. Israel’s placement on the planet has awarded our tiny country with landscapes, flora and fauna from all three of these continents. Our little … Read more

The secret to happiness

Just like birds we can be loners, extroverts, vulnerable, boisterous, shy or competitive. We sing because we can and just like the birds we go to great lengths to look our best when we want someone to notice us. We too make a home, defend our young and make sure our loved ones have enough … Read more